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We are aware that many of our members are continuing, in the face of rising challenges, to ensure that the good administration of justice continues in the Commonwealth and that some of you are still putting your lives on the line as a result by attending court on a daily basis. We recognise that in these difficult times, judicial officers will continue to ensure that they protect the most vulnerable members of society and will continue to serve their fellow citizens and to safeguard the rule of law despite adversity.

As the CMJA President indicated in his letter of 6 April 2020, it is important that, with the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, governments should not use this opportunity to undermine the role of the judiciary who continue to be the guarantors of the rule of law and fundamental rights and the CMJA is keeping vigilant to any developments in the Commonwealth which might jeopardize the independence of the judiciary in these difficult times.

This Forum has been set up for Members of the CMJA to exchange information on their responses to COVID 19 with a view to sharing experiences and knowledge in these challenging times.

You can read the information contained in this Forum. To View the Forum you will need the password. This will have been sent to you by the CMJA.

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Terms and Conditions

This forum is exclusively for use by judicial officers who are qualified as Members under the CMJA Constitution who wish to share their knowledge and information with others on the dealing with the administration of justice during COVID 19 and will continue to be active for the duration of the pandemic.

By registering for the Forum, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out below. If you do not abide by the terms and conditions set out, the CMJA reserves the right to withdraw your registration for the forum and delete your contributions.

  • Please do not use this website to air personal grievances against any institution or individual. The CMJA reserves the right to take down any posting which it deems inappropriate for this Forum;
  • Please do not submit comments that contain personal information e.g. home addresses or phone numbers;
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  • Please keep your comments relevant to the discussion topic.


Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice or a policy position by the CMJA. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, the CMJA is not liable for any error or omission or for any action taken as a result of using the material on this forum.

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