CMJA 19th Triennial Conference September 2022

The 19th Triennial Conference will be held at the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana from 4th to 9th September 2022.

Download the PDF conference brochure by clicking here.



On behalf of the Judiciary of Ghana, I warmly  welcome you to Accra, the venue for the 2022 Triennial Conference of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association. Undoubtedly, it is a rare privilege and honour for this country to host this all-important conference for the second time, the first being 2005.

The theme for the conference, Access to Justice in a Modern World, is most appropriate, bearing in mind that modernity calls for responsive approaches in the service of humanity. The effect and impact of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19 virus), which struck the entire world since the last quarter of 2019, have been far and wide.

Judiciaries have not been spared. It introduced some challenges to justice delivery leading to the emergence of holding virtual court sittings, among others. These virtual court sittings have invariably become the new normal.

The 2022 Triennial Conference is therefore an important forum, which offers an opportunity for Judges and Magistrates to share experiences, knowledge and innovations in dealing with some of these challenges.

As we deliberate on the various sub-themes during the conference, I urge all delegates to take time off their busy schedules and explore the beautiful city of Accra and its environs, particularly the beaches and restaurants, and enjoy what is usually termed “the traditional Ghanaian hospitality”.

I sincerely look forward to welcoming you to Accra in September 2022. I also hope that those of you who can, will spend some time in the country after the conference to explore the variety of attractions that this nation offers.

Akwaaba to Accra.
His Lordship Chief Justice Anin Yeboah