A conference photograph will be taken after the end of Session 2.  If you wish to appear in the Conference photo, please ensure that you turn on your cameras for this.


The sessions will be recorded and these will be available via a link in the Delegates area of the CMJA website:

If you have not already done so, please Create a Delegate Account on the CMJA Conference website, (this is separate and in addition to your registration form  for the Conference and as a member of the CMJA).    We would advise you to Create a Delegate Account at least two weeks before the Conference, to avoid delays in accessing any information.  The direct link to create a Delegate Account on the CMJA website is:  Or, to Create a Delegate Account from the CMJA website  – go to the menu at the black bar at the very top of the page.  Once created you will find the Delegates Area will appear on the middle menu (grey bar).   The CMJA will then approve and ensure that your status is changed to Conference Attendee, within two working days.     Once approved you can access the Delegates Area by using your username and password.  You will then be given access to the Delegates Area which contains:

  1. a) papers and biographical details received of speakers;
  2. b) the links to the recordings for the Conference which will be available to registered Delegates on the CMJA’s youtube channel and will appear within 24 hours and which will remain on the CMJA website for 3 months after the Conference.


Only those who paid the Conference registration fee can attend the sessions online and be approved for access to the Delegates Area.

Sharing the Zoom links to the sessions with others, posting them in SNS, as well as  viewing a session with others especially someone who has not paid the registration fee  are strictly prohibited.

Taking screen-shots and video/audio recording of the session as well as presentation materials are strictly prohibited.


Neither the CMJA nor the hosts will be able to provide technical support for issues associated with your microphone and camera (e. g. you cannot hear the session, the host cannot hear you, your camera doesn’t work).

Video/audio quality depends on many factors including the network environment of the

presenter himself/herself. Issues including frozen screen and interrupted audio are

beyond the control of the CMJA or the hosts.

The registration fee is non-refundable even if you encounter internet issues  with the audio/video

quality using Zoom. Session recordings will be available on the CMJA private youtube channel should you wish to view  these at a later stage

We look forward to your participation and hope you enjoy the CMJA’s Virtual Conference.